Curse of Strahd

Let's not go there, it's a silly place
Main session 2

After having destroyed a house, the group find an in. At the in Ismark introduces himself and wants help to take his sister to safety because the devil Strahd wants her. The group decides to help him and follow him to their home. Entering Ismark’s assaulted home they meet Ireena. She has bite marks on her neck. She doesn’t want to leave the village until her father is buried.

The group help the siblings bury their father before starting their journey towards Vallaki. On the road however, they are attacked by Strahd and his wolves. It is an intense fight, and the group is shocked by how strong he is. Strahd however, is a little surprised by being dowsed with divine magic and being bitten in the arse, so he flees the scene. 

After having fought Strahd, the group stop at Tsar Pool, where they meet a group of colorful gypsies. They meet the strange Madame Eve, who does a tarot reading of them. Her reading might prove useful for the group's quest to defeat Strahd. 

As the group wanders and starts to see the outline of the city, they stop at an abandoned windmill. Thorin suspects that it might be the windmill for which he owns the deed to. The group goes to the windmill, only to discover that it has been overtaken by three hags. The group fight the hags, and manages to drive them out, and also kill one of them. 

After the fight the group finally makes it to Vallaki, a town much larger than the Village of Barovia. It’s surrounded by wood palisades and had an iron gate manned by wary two soldiers. Around the town square proclamations were being posted for an upcoming festival. “Come One Come All. The Greatest Celebration of the Year. The Festival of the Blazing Sun. All Will Be Well. Attendance required all weather considered.” It replaces another proclamation that mentioned another festival just a few days earlier. Having arrived at night, the soldiers escort the group to the Burgomaster (the creepy Burgomaster, Merla whispered). They ask if there is a contract on the hags in the windmill, and though reluctant and creepy, the Burgomaster permits the group to stay in Vallaki. 

The group them seeks out the church in order to protect Ireena. When they arrive at the church, they meet Father Lucian Petrovich. Happy to have arrived, the group assumes that Ireena will be safe, however Father Petrovich says that the church cannot protect anyone since the bones of Saint Andral were stolen a few nights ago. The group agrees to investigate and try and retrieve the bones. Suddenly they hear a long scream, they also come to realize that there is a man under the floorboards of the church. It is revealed that this is Father Petrovich's son, who they suspect has turned into a vampire. 

The group discoverers that it was the grave digger who had stolen sacred the bones. Before investigating any further they went to buy some shit and sleep. 

Barovia or bust!
Main session 1

The characters all meet in the bar at an in. Aromá and Merla are sitting by a table, and Cathax, Piña Colada and Thorin are by another. They meet a strange and colorful man who gives them a letter. The group think little of it, but during the night a strange and creepy fog engulfs the entire village. The group gets lost in the fog, but once it clears up they discover that they have been transported to a strange land. They have entered Barovia. 

The characters travel down a road and come upon a strange gate. And they come across a dead guy with another version of the letter that colorful guy gave them. They become suspicious and things are getting stranger. They travel until they come to a strange town, the Village of Bravoria. 

In the village they come across a strange house with some strange kids outside. The group enter the house, which they discover is haunted. They fight a crazy nanny ghost, explore the house and discover an underground cellar where there is a strange plant/garbage monster. They fight it, and when it dies the whole house crumbles to the ground. 


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