Arild Frostbeard

Protective, folksy barbarian hero


Arild came from the north mountains of Waterdeep where he worked in a village as a blacksmith. The village was a wild barbarian community, where they took care of each other. Still, Arild had a strange restlessness within him, that made him seek bigger adventures than a common village life. He wanted to do some good in the world, though he often found himself in more trouble than he intended to. Perhaps it was because he had such a short temper about his short stature.

Arild travelled across the Sword Coast and ended up in Waterdeep. After a series of strange events he became a known folk hero in Waterdeep. After staying there for some time, Arild witnessed the city falling under an invading army. He kept mostly to the sewers. It was around this time that he met with our heroes Merla, Pina Colada and Mordikai. Together they investigated and fought some of the invading army. They also found out where the city’s resistance hid, and met with the king of the underground. Arild helped the others blow up some warehouses.

Arild Frostbeard

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