Curse of Strahd

Where do we go from here?

Main session 8

Most of us woke up at the inn today, exept for Pina who stayed with Irina at the church. From the looks of her when she walked into the inn this morning, she didn't get much sleep. Breakfast was spent questioning Davian about towers in the area, werewolves and the ravens following us, as well as making a poster about Rictavio, before leaving to find our werewolf friend who was abducted during the battle last night. Didn't get far though, because of the mob in front of the Burgomasters house, pitchforks and all. Mordekai tried to diffuse the situation by playing a tune, but it didn't seem to help. Pina was unhelpfull and started yelling at the Burgomasters wife about the possibility of getting her wedding dress, and then, when everyone got confused, blasted the Burgomaster with a truthtelling spell! Must have failed, though, but it could have been disasterous.

After some hit and miss kind of tracking, we arrived at the cave we blasted shut. Someone had cleared a small entrance, and guess who we found! Damian himself! He was mostly naked and looked like he needed some sleep, but he seemed happy enough, though slightly confused by our appearance. We left him and his lady friend after the appropriate amount of awkwardness.

While en route to Argynvostholt we noticed smoke rising from the middle of Vallaki. Don't know what happened, but can't be good. We'll investigate later, no good can come from going back right now.

Argynvostholt was huge! Part of the building had collapsed, and turned out to house a bunch of giant spiders. The first floor alone housed a bunch of ghosts and rage roid zombies. We barely survived, and had to camp out in Thorin's tiny magical hut. The next day we started clearing the rest of the house, and met more ghosts! There's at least two more floors to this house, and we know there's a smoke dragon on the third floor. We're surely in for a ride!

On the bright side, we might claim this mansion and turn it in to our new brewery! Argynvostholt Ales, it surely has a nice ring to it.



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