Curse of Strahd

Those silver bullets. A last blood benediction

Main session 4

Left the Mill to check out the winery, and stopped by Valaki on the way to see if any of the silver bullets were ready. Aromá had some trouble figuring out her rifle, but it worked out. Iarel and Octavian appeared to have gone out on their own or something.

Got to the winery, and met Davian, the owner. He said that they had been attacked about a month ago by plants and shrubbery. His family had gone into hiding, and the people in Krezk refused to help, claiming they were Strahds allies. We decided to do some gardening.

Closed in on the main house, when planty people showed up and flung needles at us. We broke into the house, planning to bottleneck them, but somehow that plan went to shit. Sooo many plantypeople and twiggy people. Also, two druids showed up. One of them had a staff, which seemed to controll the plantpeople, they died when the staff was broken. Druids went down, and so did Mordekai! Well, allmost. Mordekai lives to be magnificent another day, thanks to a last minute casting of spare the dying.

Spent the night at the winery, Merla checked out the druid lair nearby in the morning. It does not look good, but we can't go in before we're prepaired. Decided to help out with getting the first delivery of wine to Krezk. We need to check out the monastery there, see if Irina and Ismark would be more comfortable and safe there, further away from Strahds grasp.

Also, we're being followed by ravens. I don't like it.



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