Curse of Strahd

The group investigated the case of the missing bones and discovered that they probably laid in the coffin maker's house. They went to the house and broke in, while Mordekai stood guard outside. Inside the house they are attacked by five ravenous vampires. They fought them off and killed them all, except for one, who ran away with Merla's new Staff of the Python. She cried. A lot. As the group went outside again, their fight had caught the attention of the guards, who once again escorted them. They were escorted to the church, where the Father had to admit to having the bones stolen and letting the group retrieve them on his behalf. Reluctantly the creepy guards let them off the hook. 

After this the group decided to investigate the case of the missing wine shipments. They talked to the inn-keeper, and decided to visit the local alchemist. Severin, the alchemist was quite the colorful character, and perhaps a bit crazy. Mordekai asked him to produce some more gun powder, and the group also asked about the brewing tools. They decided to get the brewing supplies and start their own brewery. Since the brewing would probably be illagal, and they couldn't find room on the city, the group snuck the brewing tools out of the city and back to the Old Bonegrinder Windmill, where Thorin had the deed to. They named their brew: Hags Head Brewery. 

A stranger came knocking on the door, introducing himself as Damien and made their acquaintance. Once he left the group became suspicious that he might be a werewolf.



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