Curse of Strahd

Howl, baby, howl.

Main session 6

We tracked down the wolves that survived the battle by the tower. With Merla in wolfshape, it wasn't very difficult, but it probably wasn't the best idea we've had, because as we were trying to stealth out of the cave the wolves slept in, Strahd appeared, and we were trapped. We were stressed OUT! Luckily, we are decent combatants, and didn't die, despite Strahd's bites and fireballs, and got out alive, only to run like hell.

We spent the night by Lake Baratok, and the next morning we went back to the cave with the intention of finishing off the remaining wolves. The cave was abandoned, so we decided to blow it up, using warding runes and spectacular smarts. Afterwards, we returned to Vallaki, but not before finding out that the ravens we've had following us seems to be of the supernatural kind.

Also on the way back, there was a pillar of smoke on a hilltop. This turned out to be our beloved windmill, that was reformed into a brewery. This was later discovered to be Strahd doing. Now we have even more of a reason to hunt Strahd down. Stupid Strahd, buring our brewery like that.. 

In Vallaki, part of the group paid a visit to the alchemist to pick up some black power, while the rest went to the smithy to fetch weapons and bullets before rendezvousing at the inn. We got druuuunk! 

At night, Strahd paid Aromá and Merla a visit, leaving them a silvered dagger and telling them to get a better weapon and to be better prepared. After he left, Merla discovered that the blood was Ismarks. They woke the rest of the group, and we ran through town, only to find him hanging in the town square. Fearing that Irina was taken, we dashed to the church. 

Upon hearing of her brothers demise, Irina demanded to be taken to his body. We obliged, realizing this very well might be a trap. It was.




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