Curse of Strahd

Friends on the other side

Main session 5

We made our way to Krezk with Davian and the wine, where we were warmly welcomed, I mean, who wouldn't greet us with open arms when we have the wine? We also learned that the Abbey we were recommended taking Irina to by the Priest in Barovia, was abandoned and closed off by a guy named the Abbot due to ghosts or something. Nobody had gone there for fifty years!  We decided to check it out.

Turns out, the Abbot was still there! He, along with his freaky stichmonster friends stayed up there along with a woman, whom they trained to be Strahd's bride. He seemed friendly enough, just slightly weird. At one point, he seemed to have wings. He asked us to bring him a wedding dress fit for a noblewoman, so I guess we'll have to try and do that at some point. Back in the village, they set up a feast to celebrate the return of wine. It was fun.

We left the next day and decided to check out the building at Lake Baratok. Thank the gods we are as clever as we are, because that tower was practically a tower of terror. The door was locked with a magical dance lock, the floors were rotted through, and at the top floor, we found a Vistani head! We also found a Vistani cart outside, and the trap it was set up with would have killed us if it hadn't been for a bout of insane luck. 

The luck soon turned, though, as we were attaced by a mixed pack of wolves and werewolves. We fled into the tower, and were able to use the tower's defences to our advantage for a while, as well as the batch of alchemists fire we found in the cart. It was intense, but we chased them off, I think.



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