Curse of Strahd

Burn the land and boil the sea

The time had come to plane shift back to Barovia, a godforsaken land where Lord (fuckboi) Strahd ruled the land. The warmaster at Waterdeep helped us get there, and before we knew it we were back in front of the gates of Vallaki. 

It seemed that something horrible had happened to Vallaki. At first glance it seemed completely abandoned, but we found the old Burgonmaster and the Blacksmith stoned to death in the square. The inn-keepers family was also dead, their heads hung on spikes in front of his establishement.  Sevrin's shop was still missing, and through necromancy we found out that Lady Fiona Watcher had staged a coup. 

We didn't stay in Vallaki for long, and decided to head towards Castle Ravenloft in hopes that we could surprise Strahd, and do soemthing unexpected. As we neared our ruined windmill, we found out that it wasn't ruined at all, but still intact. We decided to spend the night there, but I decided to scout out Castle Ravenloft before tomorrows battle. I flew to the castle and entered a high tower where I dicovered a large, beating heart embedded into the wall itself. It was fucking gross, so I decided to lit it on fire. As I did so, the whole castle shook. I think it was the heart of the castle. I flew back before I got caught, and on my way back I saw emo Strahd riding a flaming horse next to a creepy ass bone dragon. 

I told the group what I had discovered, and we were unsure of what to do. Some time later we saw the bone dragon searching for us, and we decided to bring the fight to it. However, it wasn't much of a fight, as the dragon was hella strong! Pina was dying, and someone else was probably dying, and we had to get the fuck out of there! Thorin gathered us all and with his staff of teleportation, we teleported back to the Church in Krezk. 



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