Curse of Strahd

Bless my soul

Main session 7

So, there was this big fight.

Strahd had brought all his vampire spawn along, and they attacked us in the main square, right after we arrived with Irina. For a while, it looked like we could hold our own, but then the bats showed up. And the werewolves. And in the end, the zombies.

Luckily, the townspeople and the guards came to our aid. Derwin, Damian and Davian too! Those three went to town! Oh, and turns out, Davian is a wereraven, and probably one of the ravens who has followed us for a while.

Anyway, the fight was insane, with so many people and spells flying everywhere. Thorin kept some of the spawn hypnotised for most of the time, Pina was dealing damage trough her spiritual guardians, and Mordekai sent Strahd running by means of dissonant whispers! Merla was brilliant, conjuring up a bunch of boars as a distraction, and Aromá slayed everything.

I don't know if we won, but I'm sure we made our mark on Strahd and his buddies. Irina, on the other hand.. She is pretty upset, and no wonder. She has lost everything in a matter of days, her father, her home, and now her brother. Pina asked if she wanted to stay in Vallaki, or go somewhere else, like the Abbey in Krezk. Irina seemed open to the idea, but come to think of it, leaving her with the guy who is intent on marrying off some poor girl to Strahd may not be the best idea.. 



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